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Here comes some info about my weatherstation, its have been online since January 2006 and it have groved with more sensors, stormtracker and webcam.

The weatherstation is a Davis VP2 . Its a fully station with aneometer, in and out temperaturesensors, barometer, humiditysensors and a raingauge. To that I have added a handfull of 1-wiresensors from Hobby Boards . Currently I have following 1-wire sensors in use:Leaf wetness (not in use) and a couple of temperaturesensors. The aneometer is mounted ca 7 meter over the ground above the roof. In the raingauge have I mounted a heater for melting snow, its two 12V/25W bulbs.
That is operated by a great software called Weather Display , witch send the data to internet to this site, (ISALO1) and CWOP (CW6363) and others. Weather Display is THE weathersoftware, extremly customisalbe and flexible, its also integred with the Stormtracker you find info about later.

Camera is Logitech QuickCam Fusion in a weatherproof box mounted on the aneometerpole. Webcam is operated by a software called VisionGS . Its update the webcamimage every 5 minutes and make the 24h arcive of the images.

The forecast is made with a software called WXSIM . It use data from my station and from 250 other weatherstations in a 2000 km raduis from here. Its update the forecast 6 times/day.

The stormtracker is a Boltek PCI-tracker and it use a software called Nexstorm . Its mounted just below the aneometer in the aneometerpole and it finds thunderstorms from ca 600 km away, sometimes up to 1500 km away. The tracker also sens data to StrikeStar network (HAL). Nexstorm is integreted with Weather Display so the station knows when its thunder :)

The website use a handfull of php-scripts to put all the info on the site. Mostly of the data from the weatherstation is uploaded continous in simply text-files what php-scripts then use.

Special thanks go to Brian Hamilton, the author of Weater Display, who have did this possible. Thanks go also to Tom at Carterlake and Ken at Saratoga Weather and to many others who have made it possible to easy "Plug and Play" install theese scripts for weather websites and to all beautiful peoples on worlds weather forum no:1 Weather watch :)

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