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Status: 2017-04-27 04:29:47 EEST

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Our friend-weatherstation in Silkeborg, Denmark, has installed a solarplant and here comes a short info how it goes. For more info visit his own page. Few basics:
- Silkeborg are located ca 400 km south of Finnish city Hanko.
- The installation are on the roof pointed to south-southeast.
- The panels are 18 x LG MonoX Black and inverter SMA inverter. Data are flooding to the computer with a webbox from same manfacturer. Price of the toy was ca 12500 Ä.
- Max effect ca 4500 watt.
- Started 05.10.2012

NOTE! If you have solarpanels and are interested in getting your data here, take conact!

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The dedicated server Weatherstation Pertteli ( and a couple of other wx-sites are living on, as provider German Hetzner Online AG, use 100% CO²-free waterpower, produced by TÜV-certified NaturEnergie AG.

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