Weatherstation Salo, Pertteli
Traffic weather warning: Bad road conditions are expected in the evening because of snow.
Valid: 2018-12-17 15:32 - 2018-12-18 15:32 UTC
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Rainradar Nordic

Rainradar 1h Precipitation 24h Precipitation Test

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- Rainradar and strikedata: 5 min
- Precipitation type and cloudheight: 10 min
- 1h and 24h precipitation: 1h

Precipitation type
At the moment are there type-data available from following radars: Ikaalinen, Korppoo, Anjalankoski and Vantaa. The type may be more snowish what farer away it is from the radar. This is due to the inclination of the earth, with 0.3° angle are the pulses already at approx. 5 km above the ground at 250 km range from the radar. The map is beta.

Despite its name, the product does not show all the clouds, only shower- and stormclouds (Cumulonimbus). One requirement for thunderstorms to be able to develop is that clouds are enough high.

CG+ cloud-ground
CC- cloud-cloud

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